July 2006 - Today computerized voices all sound the same. They lack the richness, depth, regional dialects, and the personalization that voice-over artists convey to audiences. Americans have been bombarded with these computerized fake voices that answer telephones for both private and commercial use, but will they ever get used to them? George Fiderio is a voice over artist with over 30 years of experience in radio and television commercials, political disclaimers, and narrations for technical training videos, and telephone voice messaging systems. Fiderio's voice is warm and deep, bringing a strong personality to commercials, documentaries, audio books, and business presentations. Fiderio contracts work from local, regional, national and international clients looking for a professional that can specialize in many different emotions and attitudes. George Fiderio's home based Sound Room Studio is fully equipped with Professional Audio Equipment (Phone Patch, MP3/WAVE/AIFF, and CD over night) to insure the best voice and audio quality for all of his clients projects.

George Fiderio's Skills and Performance Abilities:

  • Languages: English (North American)

  • Voice Ages: Middle Age, Senior.

  • Equipment: Phone Patch, MP3/WAVE/AIFF, and CD Overnight.

  • Types of Recordings Offered: Radio, television and film, commercials and advertisements, radio imaging and other short recordings. Documentaries, audio books, business presentations and other long recordings. Dubbings and voice acting for TV, films, videogames. Jingles and Songs. Etc.

  • Additional Skills: Actor in Film and Television

  • Union: Non Union or Financial Core.

Reaching, connecting and resonating with an audience, whether it is for an Advertisement, a Public Service Announcement, Video or Documentary can be difficult if the very perfect voice is not chosen. Listen to sample clips of George Fiderio's voice. Call (440) 725-8688 or E-mail George Fiderio: Teregen@aol.com to receive a complimentary demo. A complete resume and list of services are available.


George Fiderio is a Voice-Over Artist specializing commercials, advertisements, documentaries company videos and much more for radio, television and film use. Fiderio's Home Based Sound Room and Studio is fully furnished Professional Audio Equipment to insure optimal audio results.

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Contact Information:
George Fiderio Voice Over Artist, Actor
Tel: 440.725.8688
E-Mail: teregen@aol.com
website: www.georgefiderio.com

George Fiderio, a voice-over artist specializes in commercials, advertisements, documentaries, company training and informational videos radio, television, film, commercial and individual use.

George Fiderio Announces Voice-Over Sound Room Studio Fully Equipped for Radio, Television Commercial